Monday, August 22, 2011

How to Connect to Another Person's PC for Support

Remote Assistance enables a user to connect to and access another computer remotely. If you need to connect to another user's PC to assist in troubleshooting or provide support, the user must send you an attachment via email with the Remote Assistance invitation and password. Once you receive the required information, you can run Remote Assistance to connect to the other person's PC. From there, you can assist the user with their computer issue.


Sign in to Windows as an administrator. Click "Start." Click "Control Panel." Type "troubleshooting" into the search bar.

Select "Troubleshooting" from the results. Select "Get Help From a Friend" from the left pane.

Click "Invite Someone to Help You." Click "Offer Remote Assistance to Help Someone."

Click "Use an Invitation File." Locate the RA Invitations file. Click "Open." Input the password when prompted. Click "OK." Once the user approves the connection, you can begin performing troubleshooting or support steps on the PC.

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Aimee L'Mieux said...

Hey, thanks for this advice. I often seem to have computer issues, but no one is ever able to help me fix them and the idea of paying someone a whole bunch of money to mess around on the computer makes me cringe. If someone wants to help me from far away, we could just connect our PC's and we're good to go! Had no idea. THANKS!

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