Monday, July 18, 2011

How to Use an Online IT Help Desk

The easier it is for you to access an online help desk to inform their technicians of the networking or computer issue you are having, the quicker the issue can be resolved. IT help desk sites are all different, but most work in very similar ways.


Submit a ticket, send an e-mail or establish a chat connection depending on the severity of your issue and what options are available on the IT help desk website. Some IT help desks charge money for assistance if it is during certain hours of the evening or if the situation is complex. Establish a chat connection for an immediate resolution for your issue.

Download the necessary software to open the chat script between you and the help desk technician. For example, Log Me In Rescue is a software that allows you and a technician to chat and for him to obtain certain details about your computer and operating system to troubleshoot. Download this or similar software when prompted form the help desk. Store the file to the desktop. The software will extract and install.

Tell the technician as much information as possible about your situation so he can actively troubleshoot. Be sure to list the time and frequency of the malfunction as well as the programs that are currently open and being affected.

Accept the terms and conditions when prompted if the technician needs to access your computer remotely. Many help desks allow a technician to remote access and view your files or your computer. This may be necessary to handle difficult tasks of perform certain tests on your system.

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