Monday, April 4, 2011

Virus Attacks. Facebook of South Africa Endangered!

It's over the corner. Millions of Facebook users should take all the possible precautions, especially South Africans. Why? It was recently announced that extremely dangerous viruses have started to spread worldwide. However, at this point, the primary source of attack is South Africa.

According to the CEO of ESET Sounthern Africa, Carey van Vlaanderen there are two types of viruses which are most dangerous. One of them is Yimfoca.AA which attacks through Facebook chats, while Fbphotofake uses Facebook spam messages in order to distribute all kinds of malware.

According to the research done, people started not to trust in emails send from unknown sources. However, a vast majority of Facebook users still consider messages sent from friends to be reliable and secure. Of course, you should always keep in mind what message you receive, what it states and only then open it. You should be more suspicious about all your friends cause, in most cases, when a Facebook profile gets infected, even your friend is unaware that he is sending spam messages with malicious data in it.

Therefore, we advise you to take extreme caution and be suspicious about everything, about every single message you receive even from your best friend.

Although the viruses Yimfoca.AA and Fbphotofake have started to spread in Southern Africa, it won't take long till they reach not only Europe but America as well. Surf safe!


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