Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Touch Screen Computer Monitors

Touch Screen Computer Monitors : Many companies have upgraded their products, either by adding a multi/touch support to the track-pad or by making their Tablet PC's interact-able without the stylus. Some companies specialize in production of large wall-mounted or table surfaces. Many companies produce specialized touch screen software, either for specific devices or for general computers. You can expect, from any decent touch screen software, to support multi-touch and gestures.

There is a term associated with touchscreen computer interfaces that many are not familiar with. The term is called "Gorillia Arm". This term is very effective at painting an interesting picture in one's mind. It brings to mind the image of a big hairy ape pounding away on a computer.

Touch interfaces are relatively new to the personal computing world. There are only a handful of computers equipped with touch screens. A very small percentage of computer users own computers would touch screens. When given the privilege to choose the kind of monitor for a point of sale system, most people would go for the one with a touchscreen capability due to several things. One of the considerations is in the area of practicality. Using this kind of POS monitor for your convenience store for example is the most practical choice because it gives you direct control over your point of sale software - the application that runs your system.

One of the first companies consumers think of when the "touch screen" is mentioned is Apple. Their familiar items such as the apple ipod touch and the apple iPhone use a touch screen to allow the user to navigate without the need for buttons or trackballs. This is not the limit of their uses, though.

Capacitive touch screen panels consist of an insulator coated with a transparent conductor. By the human body touching this conductor, it distorts the electrostatic field of the body and determines the location of the touch.

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