Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Desktop Computer Deals of The Day

Desktop Computer Deals of The Day : Why You Should Now Consider Refurbished Units, A very common misnomer is that refurbished desktop computers are just old outdated units that are excessively slow. Sometimes it can be true that the ridiculously cheap priced computers may be using outdated pieces of hardware and software however most major manufacturers now provide up to date specifications.

What many will find when really digging into the subject is that the majority of refurbished computers are from corporate upgrades and expired leases. Many companies update their systems every two to three years and sell their old units to companies that specialize in reconditioning and repair. In short if you're looking for the best desktop computer deal for the money I would seriously consider looking at a refurbished desktop computer.

The fact many have never considered or just simply aren't aware of is refurbished computers are now every bit as good as new in the box units. With recent advancements in testing technology, refurbished computers are now every bit as good as new in the box units. Other considerations to keep in mind to keep the unit running quickly are keeping the desktop icons to no more than 10 icons. This will definitely slow your computer down if you have a bunch on your desktop. Make sure you don't have more than 50 percent of your hard drive full.

I marketed personal computers for a living during the better part of six years. I prided myself personally on learning how much the buyer wanted to do with his computer and included some growth ability. Provided with this data, I designed a PC that would meet most of his specifications and spelled out the need or great things about each and every add-on.

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