Monday, March 7, 2011

Computer Screen Magnifier

Computer Screen Magnifier : There are Top Three that we should Have in our Computer Accessories. its : An external hard drive, A CD burner, and a computer screen magnifier. Magnifiers are most widely accepted by macular degeneration patients. Styles of magnifiers include floor lamp magnifiers, pocket magnifiers, electronic magnifiers and reading ones.

Another type of low vision aid is low vision CCTV (closed circuit television), which allows people to see recipe cards, photographs, mail, prescription bottles and so forth. Some of them also offer mirrors for a better shave.

People with age related macular degeneration often resort to some types of magnifiers for help. Nowadays, AMD magnifiers come in various types that AMD patients need to consider several factors whilst choosing them. Depending on different tasks, styles of AMD magnifiers include reading magnifiers, lighted magnifiers, computer screen magnifiers, dome magnifiers and so on.

The first factor is the lens size.Focal length is another aspect to evaluate while purchasing AMD magnifiers. This measurement is the distance between the magnifier and the patient's eyes. Like eyeglasses, AMD magnifiers' lenses can be made of different materials.
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