Friday, March 18, 2011

Computer Monitor Repair

Computer Monitor Repair : Computers are useless without a monitor. You can't surf the Net or see what you typed on the keyboard. It's a good thing that computer monitors are virtually trouble free. Besides checking to see if it's plugged in and making a few adjustments there's little you can do to fix it without specialized help.

A great first rule of troubleshooting and repair is to try the easiest and most simple solutions first. For a monitor that does not turn on at all, check that you have power coming from the electrical outlet by plugging a device that you know operates correctly into the outlet. Inspect the power cord to make sure that the connections to the computer are secure, and also for damage such as signs that it is burnt out. If the monitor will turn on but has a poor or incorrectly adjusted picture, try simply resetting the monitor to the original factory settings. Fixes for the Layman.

It is also important to know when attempting to fix a monitor issue is out of your league. A computer monitor that makes clicking or popping sounds, gives off startling flashes of bright light or gives off a burning smell, should be turned off immediately and not messed with by an amateur.

The backlight in an LCD monitor is another source of failure. Over time, the backlight dims and the image loses contrast, brightness, and color. Eventually the backlight burns out, leaving you with a useless monitor. But for about $20 you can replace the backlight yourself, if you have some soldering skills and a bit of courage. This is hard-core computer monitor repair!

HP Computer Repair


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