Saturday, March 12, 2011

Computer Hardware Troubleshooting

Computer Hardware Troubleshooting : There could be many reasons why you'd want to troubleshoot your computer, well, one actually and that's because something is not working right. The process of troubleshooting is something you learn after working for a long time with computers.

There are several websites that offer tips on how to repair computer. Unknown to some computer users, most of the computer problems you encounter is caused by software-related matters. In order to avoid software-related computer problems, it is highly recommended that you update your applications, drivers and operating systems by having their most recent versions.

Generally there are only so many steps you can take before you solve the problem and everything is back in order. Make sure that before you start testing and swapping out parts that the problem wasn't caused by you changing a software setting in Windows or some ambiguous option in the motherboard's BIOS that causes your problem.

6 Tips For Computer Problem Troubleshooting :
1. Reboot (turn the machine off and then on again)
2. Run a Virus check, but first run a virus update.
3. Try to decide on the area of the problem.
4. If your computer doesn't start up, then you should look behind it and make sure that all the cables are plugged firmly into the computer.
5. Check to see if you get any lights on the computer.
6. If your computer freezes in the operating system.

Simply put, hardware is the tangible parts of your computer, parts you can touch, feel and so on. In general, best practice is to back up the files at least monthly and more frequently if users access the files regularly.

In case you are not able to start the system, you should first look at the power supply of the compute. There may be various reasons behind this, mostly contributed to software issues.Often a device that will not power-up could have unintentionally come to be unplugged or in theory a wire may have become loose.
Ok, thats all about Computer Hardware Troubleshooting...

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