Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cheap Computer Repair

Cheap Computer Repair : I say this because several times cheaper than the uninsured and the person does not guarantee. An excellent example of this is the only last week. I had a client who gave me a call, and said that the need to repair the computer. And took him to the man they found on Craigslist, and yes, it's cheap, but the man also had his computer for a whole week, and the problem is not resolved. He was 20 years of experience with computer repair, but still got burned.

When you find someone who offers a great price to the request of any guarantees and if the price includes the full cost of repairs. In some places charge by the hour. Never go on this road to fix the computer. Technology can quote you $ 25 bucks an hour and say, it takes only 2 hours to repair. Then 5 hours later you paid twice as much as you want. Security issues as well. In the business, and I can tell you yes, that 90% of the time I remove the virus first.

The existence of issues of reform of your computer on the Internet and hands-virus software cheapest way to the bottom. Be sure to find one that has "no solution is free of charge" policy and that the service charges, and not an hour. Well, you know in advance if the question is incorrect, you do not pay, and you know exactly how much repair will cost before the deadline.

How to find cheap computer repair service in 6 steps :
1 - Determine How Much You Have or Would Like to Spend
2 - Visit Craigslist.org
3 - Search or Browse Craigslist
4 - Read All Listings
5 - Start to Make Contact
6 - Pay for the Service

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