Thursday, March 10, 2011

Buying Notebook Computer Memory

Buying Notebook Computer Memory : Here are some tips and Guide for you in buying anew notebook computer memory that you should do.

Apart from the type of memory that is being installed into the Notebook system, another very important factor to consider before buying a Notebook computer memory is the speed of this memory – it goes a long way in improving the performance of the computer. When comparing different Notebook systems, make sure you look for the type of memory and the speed of memory that the system is using.

Memory speeds are designated in two common ways. The first method is by determining the memory type and the clock rating. The second method is by determining the type of memory and its bandwidth.

Memory restriction is another very important factor to consider. Most Notebook computer systems have two main slots that are available for memory modules, as compared to four or more slots in desktops. This would mean there is of course a very limited amount of memory available in the system. However, with the modern day cutting edge memory module technology, this memory restriction is about two gigabytes of RAM in notebooks for 1GB modules. Some portable systems and even ultra-portables come replete with a single memory size that cannot be changed.

So, what are the most important features to look for in your notebook’s memory?

First and foremost, always ask about the memory and what its maximum amount is. This amount will generally be listed by the manufacturers of the system. In doing so, you will get a clearer idea of what the system’s upgrade potential is.

Your next step should be to determine what the memory configuration when buying the system. For instance, a notebook system with a 1GB memory can be configured in two ways – as a single 1GB module or perhaps two 512MB modules. The single module will make for a better upgrade potential, since by adding another module you will be gaining more in terms of memory without really sacrificing your current memory. However, upgrading a two-module system with a single 512MB upgrade would eventually lead to the loss of a single 256MB that results in a memory of only 786MB.

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