Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wireless Computer Monitors

Wireless Computer Monitors : The recent trend in consumer technology over the past couple years has been towards wireless technology. A good wireless mouse can be purchased for under $20, wireless keyboards for under 30$ most of the newly released stand alone printers and Multi Function Devices have built in wireless capability.

The Benefits of wireless technology are fairly obvious, some examples are:

- Avoid cluttering up your desk with cables for your growing number of electronic devices
- No need to spend the effort running wiring through walls, floors and around obstacles
- Freedom to move around with your device as you please
- Rechargable batteries mean that you don't need to keep purchasing new ones
- Devices are competitively priced compared to wired counterparts

the sheer amount of information that needs to be transferred from computer to monitor in order to display properly, especially if that monitor is in high definition. The bandwidth required is much more than that of what a wireless keyboard requires or even a bluetooth headset.

The Promiscuous mode is a specific receive mode for network-technology devices such as wireless network cards. It is normally used for packet sniffing and bridged network for hardware virtualization. For Wireless LANs in promiscuous mode it will only forward the packets of the network (access points) to which the client is currently connected.

As you can see the Promiscuous Mode should only be used by advanced users to avoid any damage to your system or to open the door for hackers. Video systems are becoming a part of our everyday lives. When video surveillance systems first hit the market in the mid 80's, they immediately made a major impact on crime prevention and the way crimes are investigated.

Wireless video systems are popping up all over the place to satisfy a range of consumer requirements. For the best results and the longest range, most wireless video transmission systems require a clear line of site between the transmitter and the receiver to operate consistently.

Ok, Thats all about Wireless Computer Monitors...

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