Tuesday, February 8, 2011

HP Notebook Computer

Hp Notebook Computer : What is the best HP notebook computer? HP's main line of notebook computers is the Pavilion. Their highest end laptop (designed more as a desktop replacement) is the ZD8000, with a 3.4GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor and a 17" wide screen display. At over 9 pounds and almost 2 inches thick, these machines are not really designed to be tucked under your arm and whisked around throughout your day. The DV4000 and DV1000 offer slower processors (unless you are a 3-D gaming master, they are a better bet), they drop a few pounds, and they save you about $500. In general, avoid the top of the line, fastest Intel chips out there. You usually pay a big premium without seeing any meaningful performance improvements.

Buy.com currently has the refurbished 17.3-inch HP Notebook computer (model no. G71-449WM) with 2.1GHz processor, 4GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive for $499.99. That's $500 off the list price of $999.99, and the lowest price we have seen on this computer by around $78. FREE shipping is included and sales tax applies for residents of New York and California. This notebook computer also features a webcam, Altec Lansing speakers, wireless card, a 56k modem, and HDMI port.

HP Notebook Computer Memory : A memory upgrade can mean wonderful things for the performance of your HP notebook computer. The evidence presented by studies is compelling. In one test, it was shown that upgrading the memory on your HP notebook from 128 MB to 512 MB resulted in a performance boost of 35 percent. When memory was bumped up to 1.0 GB, that same notebook saw performance gains of over 43 percent.
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You're probably wondering what improved performance means for you, the user. It means that you'll be able to surf the Internet and shuffle between open programs and windows with greater swiftness and ease. It means fewer system crashes and error messages. Overall, it translates into greater efficiency for both you and your HP notebook computer, with less time wasted sitting around waiting for your laptop to perform the tasks it's given.

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