Sunday, February 27, 2011

Computer Repair Stores in Chicago

Computer Repair Stores in Chicago : Computer repair companies around the country are noticing that people's personal PCs and laptops are being hijacked at an alarming rate. From Portland, to Vancouver, to Chicago, and to the east coast people are learning how hard it is to have your identity stolen should your computer's security be compromised.

Additionally, computer repair technicians are noticing that many of the top security programs do not totally detect everything that is being uploaded onto their customer's computers.

If you are a consumer that goes direct to the airline to buy tickets, imagine now your purchase had to be approved by Delta and it would take 3-5 days for a decision. Your approval is based on many criteria including your credit score and only 15% of passengers actually get approved.

PC & Apple Computer Repair in Chicago offer you the best computer repair with specialization :

- custom computers
- refurbished computers
- spyware removal
- malware removal
- adware removal
- virus removal
- virus cleanings
- data migration
- data storage solutions and setups
- Windows operating system issues
- Windows 7 upgrades
- Apple operating system upgrades
- data recovery
- LCD replacements
- Apple software installation
- Apple business networking solutions
- software and hardware updates
- keyboard repair
- logic board repair
- website development
- web marketing services and more
- Apple repair
- Macbook repair
- Macbook Pro repair
- PC repair

Call this Computer Repair Stores in Chicago at : (312) 402-6093
Location : 1304 W Estes Ave
Chicago, IL 60626

Refurbished Desktop Computers


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