Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Computer Repair Rates

Computer Repair Rates : Computer repair rates are the lifeline of your business. Your time is valuable. Don't hesitate to set your computer repair rates to match the value of your knowledge and time. The only way you can place a value on that time is by your computer repair rates.

Computer repair prices can vary from business to business. But what is considered a fair price and who makes this determination? We will try to demonstrate to consumers what computer repair businesses charge and why. Clients can then determine if they are being treated fairly by technicians.

Geography can be a determining factor in the price of repairing PCs. Inner-city shops will tend to charge more for PC repair than suburban shops. This is simply because everything costs more in the city.

Price Structure
Some shops will have a set rate for certain tasks and some will charge an hourly rate. usually Computer Repair Rate: $75.00/hour
On-Site Rate, Standard Rate: $85.00/hour
(6PM - 8AM weekdays and weekends)
On-Site Rate, Premium Time: $100.00/hour
(6PM - 6AM weekdays and weekends)

Unless otherwise scheduled
Web Design Rate: $85.00/hour
PHP, MySql Programming Rate: $100.00/hour
Mailing Lists: $85.00/hour

Walk-in or Onsite Repair
Businesses will generally charge a lot more for onsite computer repair jobs. If the tech has to drive to a remote location to fix a PC, there will be extra costs involved to cover travel time and fuel surcharges.

Faulty Hardware
It’s not unusual for a seemingly minor repair to escalate into a costly expense. If a tech first tells you the hard drive is bad, it will sometimes mean that something else caused the hard drive to fail–like a bad power supply, for instance.

Ok, thats all about Computer Repair Rates.
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