Saturday, February 26, 2011

Computer Repair Jobs

Computer Repair Jobs : When applying for computer repair jobs or IT jobs in the current market, or any market, competition is often steep. How to Land that Computer Repair Job. As an employer I was once faced with 5 people who would have all been good for the computer repair job I was offering. If you are strapped for cash, ask yourself realistically, if you don't get this job.

are you likely to get another computer repair job like it? Technicians working in computer maintenance and repairs normally start in two specific types of roles:
(a) computer service or
(b) computer support. Computer servicing requires deep technical knowledge of products and computer systems in order to manually install and repair various systems (PCs, mainframes, servers, faxes, etc).

Computer support is more often a role where the individual does not manually repair technologies. Computer repairs jobs can relate to high-end systems for businesses (servers, mainframes, networking) and home users (PC repairs, setting up broadband, data recovery) and technicians start with broad training which facilitates taking either path.
The career path can therefore follow various strands with computer repairs jobs in small local PC repair shops or consultancy houses being the normal starting grounds for most technicians. This role also provides the flexibility to work in computer repair training.

If you are an IT professional looking for computer repair jobs, you are probably wondering where you should start. The following 4 tips can help you balance what you need to find good computer repair jobs while keeping your skills up-to-date.
1. Look to Balance Training and Client Recruitment. In order to find great computer repair jobs, you have to know how to do client recruitment and IT skills development at the same time. Others configure in-office computer labs where they can work on testing and training with basic, entry-level server hardware. As someone looking for computer repair jobs, you should be familiar with various operating systems as well as the common software applications you will find in business environments. When you are looking for computer repair jobs in the small business arena, don't worry too much if you don't have advanced technical computer skills.

For anyone looking into computer repair jobs as a career move it can often be a dilemma to work out how to get started. In reality, you need to strike a balance in a career in computer repairs as you will always need to mix experience fixing computer issues with some form of training and education. 1: Balance training and work.

All computer repair jobs will necessitate a broad range of skills (i.e. different operating systems, software, etc.) so you should establish which skill gaps you have and seek out suitable training. 3: Self-train using partner/reseller programs.
Finally, sometimes computer repair jobs are offered to candidates due to the certification/diplomas and other times it is because of their work experience. Many people wonder what a computer repair job actually consists of. The selection criteria to get a job in computer repair industry can be a bit tough. To apply for computer repair jobs you must have a few things in place first. For example, do you know how to repair a computer? Now a days computer repair people need to know both MAC and PC system software as MAC computer are getting more and more popular.

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