Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Computer Repair Courses Online

Computer Repair Courses Online : A top online computer repair certificate can be completed in approximately six months, and consists of 10 to 15 credits worth of course study. Students may choose to specialize in the software or hardware end of computer repair, or both, depending on their preference. Students can complete a computer repair certification online without an existing bachelor's degree, though it will be helpful to have some expertise in computer operations and computer terminology before taking computer repair programs online.

How Online Computer Repair Courses Work

Most online computer repair classes offer students exams and virtual labs, as well as interactive and asynchronous lectures, through the use of teleconferencing, video conferencing, email, instant messaging and discussion boards.

Online Computer Repair Courses: Technical Requirements

It's important for students to research individual online classes prior to registration to verify that their personal computer meets technical requirements.

Non-Degree Online Computer Repair Courses

People pursuing individual online computer repair training courses that do not require enrollment in a certificate or degree program can find them through some technical colleges and major computer companies. These classes might require students to meet certain academic prerequisites or receive special permission from the instructor.

Accredited online computer repair certificate programs include classes designed to teach the organizational principles of computer hardware devices, computer networking and computer accessories such as printers. A preview of some good online computer repair courses is provided below.

    * Discovering the Power Behind Computers
      This aspect of computer repair training online teaches students about the relationship between computers and electricity. Technical topics such as ATX motherboards, computer cases, electrical components, electrical concepts and troubleshooting tools are covered.
    * Getting Behind the Mind of a Computer
      This is one of the most useful computer repair courses online, as it teaches students about the heart of the computer: the processor. Students learn about different processor types, processor cooling, computer issues and problems related to processors, the components of a processor, and how to overclock a processor.
    * The Ins and Outs of Computers
      Another step towards getting an online computer repair diploma is this course, which covers the inputs and outputs found on a modern computer. USB ports, Firewire ports, serial ports, parallel ports, monitor outputs and video cards are all covered in detail.

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