Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mac USB Problems Fix

Mac USB problems behave in various ways, but traced to the resources they may be quite simple, and before you take your PC to the Mac service centre you can try to fix your Mac USB problem by yourself. Here I will list some general rules when troubleshooting your common Mac USB problems. Step 1 Check whether the USB hardware is connected to the appropriate jack.
There is a USB port in the back of most keyboard devices, but it usually only works with a mouse.

Step 2 Unplug your USB device and wait a few seconds, then plug it back in. It might seem almost too rudimentary, but this is an oft-overlooked fix that's successful in a surprising number of cases. Restart your computer if the malfunction still lingers after you reconnect the USB device.

Step 3 Test your USB device in another computer. If the issue persists in the second computer, probably your USB driver is out-of-date and this issue particularly happens after system updates, well then check your device manufacturer's site or just download a driver tool like Driver Checker and PC Driver Helper for any update. If it still fails, you may have your device repaired.

Step 4 Try different devices in the same USB jack to locate the problem. For example, if your iPod is acting up, check whether your mouse or an external drive can connect to the PC via that USB port. In this method you can confirm if the problem is in that USB port or in one of your USB devices.

Step 5 Disconnect all USB hubs in use and reconnect each peripheral device one at a time to your computer with a good USB cable and find the cause.

Step 6 Reset NVRAM (nonvolatile RAM) and PRAM (parameter random access memory) on your computer: shut down your Mac, then start it back up while immediately holding the following keys: Command, Option, P and R. Hold the keys down until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound for the third time.

Step 7 Disconnect other power-drawing USB hardware from the same bus or adding an externally powered hub. The connectivity and recognition problems can be simply solved by this method in most cases.

Step 8 Clean your computer's hard drive after back up all of your data.Step 9 Consider reinstalling your operating system.Finally, if all the tips above fail, you have to bring your PC to the service center and have it repaired.


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