Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How to Remove STDRT EXE Once for All

STDRT.EXE is one of the latest viruses, belonging to Win32/Parite. Common problem of an infected computer is running as slow as a crawl. Win32/Parite usually can take up 30% or more CPU. In addition to slowing down computer, it will also connect itself to internet and bring more Trojan and backdoor.

Do you want to get rid of STDRT.EXE and speed up your slow computer immediately?

Learn how to remove the Win32/Parite here.Manual way to remove STDRT.EXE

1. Restart computer in SafeMode by pressing F8 during starting up.
2. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del and end the related processes.
3. Delete the following files:
4. Delete files in C:\Windows\Temp, especially mrt2FC6.tmp and delete those in C:\Windows\ IE temp folder.
5. Delete/Modify any values added to the registry by the virus, you'd better not to modify registry manually if you know little about it.
6. Reboot your computer and check whether the virus is removed.

The key point in manual instruction is the registry entries. You should delete those registry entries created byWin32/Parite completely, or you will find that the virus can recreates itself after windows startup.One-click way for remove this Win32/PariteYou can download a professional security program to solve your problem.

As STDRT.exe is a latest virus, no all the antivirus programs can detect it. If your present antivirus software can not remove STDRT.EXE from your slow computer, run a free online scan here to have your problem solved. Do forget to reboot your PC after removing the virus for fear of further infection.


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