Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How To Remove Antivir Solution Pro - Quick Fix

Antivir Solution Pro is a notorious virus infection that has ability to install itself and carry out fake scan on your computer. This rogue malware gives a fake scan report that prompts its victim to purchase an upgraded version of the program for infection removal. It possess characteristics codes and files that can spy on your internet activity and steal your vital personal information.

The virus does not limit its infection on your computer but also tends to empty your pocket. The infection of this virus spread very fast through the use of malicious websites, email and Trojans.It will always report that your PC is under attack from external body or virus infection which does not exist. The report is confirmed by self- manufacture infected files produced on your computer.

It denies you access to some web pages. It also changes your normal internet setting to pave way for other server to access your private information online. Your bank details and password become vulnerable to hijackers and thieves because your information has been saved on their servers.

You must remove this dangerous software very fast because your computer and financial details are not secured. The main aim of the manufacturer of this malware is to force take your hard earn money to buy a copy of their antivirus solution pro, in a bide to solve the problem created by them. Never be deceived! You need a tested and approved software to get ride of this malicious software once and for all.How can I remove Antivir Solution Pro?You can remove it by taking the following stepsSTEP1: Get any anti-malware program like 'Spyware Doctor', 'EoftspySE', 'SpywareHunter' or 'Malwarebytes' to remove it. These tools are available online. Download and install anyone of it.

Run it to scan the whole of your system and remove all the infected files associated with Antivir Solution Pro.STEP2: Remove the virus that are hidden in the windows registry. You can achieved this with aid of a reputable registry cleaner. It is important you clean the registry because the virus might have caused serious damage to the registry setting and also deposited files of Antivir Solution Pro on it.

If the infected files are not removed; they have ability to bring back the same effect. So, it is recommended that you clean the registry of your computer after removing the Antivir Solution Pro from your computer for effective and efficient performance of your system.Are you not satisfy with the performance of your computer? Do you want to double up the speed of your PC quickly? Then, click here for RESOURCES to help solve your computer problem.


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