Wednesday, January 12, 2011

DIY Computer Repairs - 5 Tips That Will Save You Money

Many people spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, each year repairing and maintaining their computers. Because a computer has so many parts to it, there are a high number of problems that can cause them not to work properly.

It's exactly the reason why people are looking to DIY computer repairs, simply because the cost for outsourcing this work can be so high.Computers are here to stay, and because of this it's important for anyone to learn some basic troubleshooting skills, that way you don't have to send off your PC to a maintenance shop every time something bad happens.

So I'd like to outline a few steps that can help trying to solve your computer problems a little more easier, and direct you towards what I believe to be the best resource out there when trying DIY computer repairs.

1. Reboot.
Often times computers just glitch. There's no rhyme or reason to it, programs crash, resources malfunction, and so on. Generally by just rebooting your PC you can reset it so that it's back to working in proper form.

2. Remember the error name.Most times if a computer error appears it will tell you what happened before it resets. Try and copy down all the information provided and put that message into a search engine. You'll probably find that people have experienced the same problems, and have had their problem solved on a forum or somewhere else online.

3."xxx.dll is missing or corrupt"
These errors generally mean an important system file has either been deleted somehow or become corrupt thanks to program malfunction or other reason. The best remedy for this is to search for this file online somewhere or from your operating system disc. By replacing the broken or missing ".dll" file these errors can almost always fixed immediately.

4.Update your drivers.
If a specific device isn't working say, you don't hear sound, or your graphics are looking kinda wonky, try updating their drivers. A lot of times drivers become corrupt or broken for any number of reasons, and are usually updated fairly often. By replacing them with a fresh install you can be sure that your drivers are working properly, and often times this will fix hardware errors. You can search for the drivers manually through the manufacturers website or use a driver update program.

5. Do a virus/malware/adware scan.
A lot of computer errors can be attributed to having a virus or other malicious program running in the background. Even the most veteran computer user will let a virus or malware program sneak in from time to time. Do a scan, and if you're infected type in the name of the infection in a search engine. You should be able to find steps to eliminate it.Keeping those tips in mind, common PC problems can be solved and going from this information you can easily use DIY computer repairs to fix them.


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