Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Disk Cleanup - Fixing a Slow Laptop PC

When we are using a laptop in different purposes that fulfills our every needs than at one time operating for a long number of hours and storing a lot of data in its disk or memory unit that is of utmost importance then one time it may happen that the system gets a probable chance of getting slower as the processor gets heated operating several hundreds or thousands of things in a small time interval and can make the device operate slower.

When a laptop computer gets slower then the disk clean up is the ideal way to fix or solve the problem.The matter of Disk cleanup can be done by anyone more easily with much more efficient manner. As many corrupt files remain and also unwanted files remains stored in the hard disk resulting the laptop to function slower and the time of storing a lot of those files is very long. So the corrupt files and unwanted files sum up to and make our laptop run slower.

We go through Disk cleanup by using software that cleans up the unwanted and corrupted files from the laptop and some other files not needed also get deleted from the memory. The problems regarding slowing down of the laptop is solved by going through some methods where first we will scan the whole system means the total memory used and fix the problems created. Here the problems solved are created due to some unwanted files and defragmented files.The unwanted files and the corrupted files are better removed that is not working anyway and makes the laptop slower.

The moved files which can be in the recycle bin or permanently deleted from the memory can make the laptop speed gain its original speed. Nowadays disk cleanup can be done online also where we have to connect our laptops with the internet and find the corrupted and unwanted ones in the laptop computers then the files tracked to delete are moved from the computer to give its performance a new high. It will also not harm the computer as it will leave the system files of the computer that plays a key role in operating the operating system in the computers.

The disk cleanup is not the only one to make our laptop speed up but as some registry files has a chance to create corrupted files in the registry so a software is used named registry cleanup software that deletes the registry unwanted files and makes the laptop registry work faster. Now after the registry cleaning our laptops can run like a new one. A registry cleaner perform many tasks such as first making disk cleanup with searching the tool for searching the unwanted settings in the Windows files that is in the registry.

The registry have a lot of files in it as it is said as the database of the computer where all the information of system files and operating software lists can be found.So in a huge amount of files we can get a sufficient amount of corrupted files and settings that is to be deleted. Sometimes the registry gets corrupted due to a large no of corrupted files in the registry so after calling a file the Windows system may not get a result as that file is corrupted. So registry cleaning is much more essential than disk cleaning as the problem is better solved in registry cleaning. The chance of registry corruption is more than Disk corruption so we should always look more after registry cleanup of a laptop.


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