Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Decorations are Down & Donation Update

Last Sunday Jan 2nd, we took down the lights and packed them away until next year. After the show on Jan 1st, I unplugged the radio transmitter, and shut down the PC that runs the show.

If you were not able to get to the display, or you have seen it and would like to see it again, we have captured most of the show on video, on our website. Check it out Cascade Christmas Lights 2010 Videos

Being the first year I have done the BIG time show, it was somewhat depressing. I think I have light-postpartum syndrome! It is just so dark and drab in the front yard now (not to mention inside the house…)

You know what is really funny and maybe even a bit twisted? I received a sample of some light products I ordered to see how they would work for the 2011 display. I also have started the design and layout for the yard and house.

I cannot wait until Thanksgiving when the next display is up. Christmas will be year round around here now. This next display is going to be BIG BIG BIG and not just lots of stuff, but really cool effects and synchronization.

Here is some exciting news. We have totaled up what we have collected from wonderful people donating to the Soup Kitchen. We received 111 lbs of food, packs of socks and $452 in donations. We are so excited to be able to give so much to the Soup Kitchen.

Thank you to all that helped out this year in donating and being so generous.

I will keep updating the blog on how the project is going this year. Don’t be surprised to see posts here all spring and summer, and of course in FALL!



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