Monday, January 17, 2011

Another Reason to Stay off of Facebook

If you have read any of my previous blog posts, I am not a fan of Face Book, in fact I dislike it so much, I advise customers to not use it, and if they do, give them some cautions.

I used Facebook for a bit, then left. Then one day an old friend wanted to connect, so I went back on and “signed” back up. But I did not have to sign back up. I just put in the old login information, and all the stuff that I wanted removed when I quite, was all there.

Freaky scary and it really convinced me to leave and stay off of Facebook.

Facebook’s security policy has been a joke, and you had to have a programmers degree to figure out how to opt out of things you did not want, and how to not share certain information.

Finally enough people put up a fuss, they finally changed it. But honestly, most people just don’t pay attention to the security settings or the ramifications of using a site where your life is put in front of everyone in the world.

Now they have delved deeper into the world of giving your private information away.

Facebook has recently announced that they are making user phone numbers and addresses available to developers. Developers are the people who write the games and applications on Facebook.

I am sure most developers are legit, but some developers do write suspicious or even malware type code, and not to mention the people who write viruses and put them on Facebook for all the world to enjoy and share.

If you insist on being a Facebookie, one of the ways you can be more diligent on your Facebook security is to subscribe to the Sophos Security Facebook page, which has very good information and always up to date information on making your Facebook account more secure.

Facebook is already plagued with viruses and others writing code to trick people into giving up information, so this is just another negative on the I hate Facebook bandwagon.

Here is a very good Blog article on this new decision by Facebook.

Rogue Facebook apps by Graham Cluely

And finally here is my favorite sentiment about Facebook, if you have not seen this, it is hilarious.

Facebook is a stupid idiot video by David Ippolito


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