Sunday, December 5, 2010

Revive a damaged RAM (Random Access Memory)

This time I will share tips about the turn of RAM that you have not considered dead from severe physical damage, such as burns or broken, because usually when the memory has been declared dead by the owner of the PC or by a computer technician will simply be replaced with new ones , but still there is the possibility of working memory in the making again.
Here I have tips for dealing with memory that has been considered dead, with an accuracy above 70%.

Ok, just prepare a dead memory, and equipment in need is Avometer.

Clean the memory pins by rubbing it with the eraser of memory commonly used to remove the pencil in order to clean the dust, and friction with the eraser will also provoke the ions at a simulated memory pins for more active conductor, rub on both sides according to the image that in the red box.

1. Navigate to the Ohm Avometer scale (scale to measure barriers), free, be in the position of 1K, 10K, 100K.
2. Take the needle negative (-) Avometer (black cable) and then paste it on one pin / leg memory, and the needle positive (red wire) grit on a collection of the legs of the IC / chipset memory, when memory has 8 pieces of IC such as the grit needle (+) into the legs of 8 IC.
3. Done .... Please try to plug the memory in their slots on the mainboard ....!

This process is to utilize the flow of electric current from the batteries Avometer that in stream into the circuits of IC / Chipset memory. The workings of this process is just like the Clear CMOS process on mainboard if the mainboard does not want to live, namely the occurrence of disruption or blockage of the trip so that the electric current that flows in the need for the activation of a system are not met.


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