Friday, December 17, 2010

Prevent Computer Virus Entry Through Flashdrive

Prevent Computer Virus Entry Through Flashdrive
One way of prevention for our computers do not have a virus is to prevent the execution of the virus file. One way is to make prevention of transmission of the virus through the flash. To do prevention, we can use one of the features available in Windows XP that is the Local Security Settings. The way it works is to protect computers from the execution of all *. exe. So that when we open the files in the flash and without the knowledge we were running a virus file, then the execution process will be in the protection or cancel.
The steps are:

1. Select Start>> Control Panel
2. Select Administrative Tools> Local Security Policy
3. Select Software Restriction Policies> Additional Rules
4. On the right-click Additional Rules>> select New Path Rule ...
5. In the Path column, select flshdisk Browes select which drives are, for example in I: \
6. On the Security Level field, select Disallowed
7. Select OK and Restart your computer
Now let us execute a file from an *. exe.

Yapp ...! Apparently *. exe files are now no longer in the execution in the flash. Means that our computers a little more secure from virus attacks which wants to spread through the flash. Then how let *. exe files can be run ..??? How ya we move first file to the Drive / Hard Drive.
Nb: If we run the *. exe files are in compressed, eg using winrar the file can still be run. But the example we want to extract the file can not be done. (Written The System Can not Find The Path Specified)
That fear is our time to compress the files *. exe already dususupi virus, but hopefully not.


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