Friday, November 19, 2010

How can i bypass windows xp validation or WGA 1.9.42

You can use this Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Validation Crack Download

WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) is Microsoft’s anti-piracy mechanism to protect Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 from being cracked and installed with non-genuine activation code. WGA Validation Tool helps user to determine whether or not the copy of Windows is genuine.

Windows Genuine Advantage Validation has been updated to version in February 2010. Yet, WGA Validation ActiveX component will be downloaded and installed whenever end-user tries to run Windows Update manually. Unfortunately, in some cases wrongly accused WGA validation status as non-genuine may occur, and fortunately it has no avenue to fix the issue.

Fortunately if you are experiencing this kind of error caused by updated WGA ActiveX component, there is a WGA crack tool to hack WGA validation so that it will report genuine status. FYI: the crack is not an activation crack for Windows (XP, Vista, 7), nor the crack that can make Windows genuine.. Probably you can said this WGA Crack as tool to fix wrong WGA status, and this WGA crack tool hits version v1.9.42.0.

To install the crack, just run the installer.bat in elevated command prompt window with administrator privileges. To uninstall the crack, type install.bat /u in elevated command prompt window with administrator privileges. A backup copy of replaced files, namely LegitCheckControl.dll, WgaLogon.dll and WgaTray.exe will be made. It’s possible to delete the backup by run install.bat /c to clean up backup and old cracked files in elevated command prompt window with administrator privileges.

Disclaimer: The information is for information and educational purpose only.

Download WGA Crack v1.9.42.0

Download WGA19420.rar Here.
It’s not very difficult to bypass WGA ( Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Check ) :

1. If you have a valid Windows XP key, connect to Internet and start Windows Update.

2. If you don’t have a valid Windows XP key, look around to find some cheap Windows XP key. I saw that some people sell them with a very cheap price.

3. Click here to download “WGA”, unpack and run the file MGA_crack.exe. Follow the instruction and you are all done !

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