Thursday, September 9, 2010

How to reset Brother DCP 195C printer

Does your Brother DCP model printer display an error like this?
clean unable 46
unable to print clean pad is full

Here is the proper reset code sequence to reset DCP printers without numeric keypad:

This instruction is also applicable to printer model: Brother DCP 110C, 115C, 120C, 130C, 135C, 145C, 150C, 165C, 185C

1. Press the Menu, then Mono Start key then press the UP arrow key 4 times to make the machine enter the maintenance mode and "ERROR 46" pops-up in the display.

2. Enter maintenance mode 80: Select 8 by pressing the UP/DOWN arrow key and push OK key and select 0 and push OK key

3. Now Press MONO arrow key several times until you see PURGE:XXXXX

4. Select 2 and push OK, Select 7 and push OK, 8 and push OK, select 3 and push OK and the purge counter is now reset to 00000.

5. Press STOP/EXIT key to go to root of maintenance mode

6. Enter code 99 to exit maintenance mode: Select 9 and push OK, Select 9 and push OK.


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