Monday, June 28, 2010

Office 2010 Upgrade will not read or recognize .doc old office documents

I just worked on a system where the user had upgraded from the 2007 version of Office to the 2010 version.

Once he did that, he could not open any of the .doc files that he needed to. The 2010 version would save and open files, but would not open the .doc files.

Excel works with .xls files, but Word 2010 will not open .doc files created with earlier versions.

To fix this problem Right Click on the Document, and click on Properties. There is an “Opens with” section and that shows a program. Click on the “Change” Button next to the Opens with info.Capture

Then choose “Microsoft Office Client Virtualization Handler” I know, I know, this is weird, but it is Microsoft, after all. Make sure “Always use the selected program…” is checked off so you change the default.

Make this change, even if it already says that the “Microsoft Office Virtualization Handler” is the default.

Click OK, and apply, and now your .doc files should be read by Microsoft Word.

If you cannot find or do not see the “Microsoft Office Virtualization Handler” as a program option.

You can click on the Browse button, and it should be located somewhere near here:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\virtualization Handler

Remember, each of the \ Backslashes means a folder. So it is in the program files folder, in the common files folder, and so on.

I hope this helps relieve a little frustration over a “Microsoft issue."


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